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Privacy & Policy

The following are our Terms of Service.

Tech & Biz Solutions knows the importance of your data security and anonymity. We keep your data only to ensure you a trouble-free experience When you visit our site. Which later on contributes.
We appreciate the importance of keeping your data and information covered up and safe. When you get to our web page, the information we assemble is used totally to ensure that you welcome a quick and trouble-free web examining contribution to our website later on. We employ the most advanced equipment and methods to keep your information out of the hands of anyone who are not authorized to access it.

How Do We Gather Information?

Only the most basic information, like your domain name, is collected by our propelled systems. We don’t collect sensitive personal data like your name, IP address, or email account details. If we need this information, we’ll ask for your permission beforehand, and we’ll take appropriate security precautions to protect it. This security statement applies to any information we gather about your system or your personal details. Before visiting the site, we strongly advise our visitors to read this statement.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We maintain track of any authority that is projected to make modifications to the protection strategy without warning. Furthermore, we guarantee that any such modifications will be reintroduced as soon as possible to keep you refreshed. Customers are encouraged to check this page on a regular basis to be informed about any changes to the security strategy that may have an impact on them in any way.

Have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy.