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FIFA 2022 Guide: How to Perform a Perfect Finesse Shot in FIFA

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perfect finesse shot in fifa

Throughout the FIFA 2022 series, Finesse shots have proven a reliable scoring technique and are preferred by professional players for their potency in front of goals. However, completing a finesse shot accurately is essential since any error may result in a poor shot that goes directly into the hands of the goalkeeper.

We will guide you in this blog post on How to perform a perfect finesse shot in FIFA; this guide will help you to well tune your shooting skills and maximize your chances of success.

What is a Finesse Shot?

A finesse shot in football utilizes the outside of the boot to place the ball in an area beyond the goalkeeper’s reach. It involves extending the player’s body and bending the ball in the opposite direction toward one of the net’s four corners.

How Do You Take a Finesse Shot in FIFA 2022?

To execute a finesse shot in fifa 2022, you can use the below-mentioned button combinations.

  • Xbox One: RB + B
  • Playstation 4: R1 + O
  • PC Keyboard: D
  • Nintendo Switch: R + A

Like any other stroke in the game, timing and direction decisions are essential for a successful finesse shot. Hold down the left analog stick to choose the ideal direction and unleash the shot at the right moment.

Tips for Finesse Shots in FIFA 2022

While experiencing a finesse shot, be careful that there is some delay before the shot hits the target. Instead of other shots, players won’t immediately strike the ball when they push the button. Depending on the aim, the player’s body will open up more, making them more vulnerable to blocks and interceptions.

Observe the player’s preferred foot. For example, aiming a finesse shot with a right-footed player from the center to the right of the goal may produce a predictable shot that skilled goalkeepers can easily read.

Keep an eye on the positioning of your attackers in relation to your intended aim. Take note of their proficiency with their stronger and weaker feet because these factors may significantly impact the success of a finesse shot.

Know When to Use it

The successful finesse shot also depends on the position of the goalkeeper. The finesse shot’s effectiveness will be limited if the goalkeeper is already in a position to anticipate the ball’s curl. To maximize its impact and raise your chances of scoring, you must know when to use the finesse shot.

At last, practice, timing and awareness of the situation are needed to master the finesse shot in FIFA 2022. You may improve your gaming and raise your chances of winning by developing your talents and making wise choices on when to use this technique.


How to Score a Finesse Goal in FIFA 2022?

In FIFA 2022, it’s important to position your player outside the box, time your finesse shot precisely, aim for the corners, and use players with excellent shooting attributes are all necessary to score a finesse goal.