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FIFA 2023 Guide: How to Score the Best Power Shots in FIFA

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Best Power Shots in FIFA

In FIFA, Smashing the ball with power is incredibly exciting, whether it’s a last game-winning or consolation goal in a one-sided match.

The introduction of power shots to FIFA 23’s gameplay, along with other major changes, offers players an exhilarating high-risk, high-reward opportunity. This type of shot needs a tremendous amount of energy to strike the ball, generating awe as the net trembles. It’s just as effective as a goal every time if you can get them perfect.

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How to Do a Power Shot in FIFA 2023

To score a power shot, use the following button combinations.

Xbox: LB+RB+B

Playstation: L1+R1+O

Nintendo Switch: Left + Right Bumpers (Held down) + Shoot button

You can unleash devastating shots with incredible force and accuracy by the following buttons provided, including positioning, timing, and aiming. Additionally, you can boost your chances of success further by selecting players with high-shot power traits.

What are Power Shots?

Power shots have been introduced as an exclusive addition to FIFA 2023. They focus more emphasis on strength and force over speed, which makes it easier for attackers and midfielders with great long shots but poor finishing attributes to thrive. Power shots are harder for goalkeepers to save as they have stronger dipping and swerving effects. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these shots do not always guarantee on-target accuracy, which makes it more challenging to control their trajectory.

Power Shot Tips for Fifa 2023

In FIFA, the most challenging feature of power shots is the long wind-up time required with them. Players are more vulnerable to tackles from opponents as a result of this prolonged animation, which increases the overall difficulty. A further level of difficulty is provided by power shots that need manual aiming. When these factors are combined, they provide insight into why many players struggle when executing power shots in the game.

It’s best to reserve power shots for situations in which your player finds themselves outside of the penalty area. This tactical move is particularly effective when facing opponents who adopt a defensive formation with a compact line of defenders.

Consequently, you can benefit from extended ball control time, which gives you the space you need to carry out a full-shot animation without interference.

Remember that less is more when aiming power shots in FIFA 2023. Start by aiming at the goalkeeper rather than the corners. It’s the best way to ensure your shot goes on target, and we assure you’ll be pleasantly glad every time you score.

Once you feel comfortable making powerful shots, concentrate on pressing the appropriate shoot button just as your player makes contact with the ball. If performed correctly, this well-timed input will improve the timing of your shot and increase its overall efficiency.

Top 5 Power Shot Players in FIFA 2023

Here are the top 5 power shots players in FIFA 2023,  who possess not only long high shots but also exhibit remarkable attributes that make them a genuine force on the virtual pitch.

Lionel Messi (91) – PSG: 91 Long Shots

Kevin De Bruyne (91) – Manchester City: 91 Long Shots

Son Heung-min (89) – Spurs: 89 Long Shots

Bruno Fernandes (86) – Manchester United: 88 Long Shots

Dani Parejo (86) – Villarreal: 88 Long Shots