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FIFA 2023 Guide: How to Perform a Perfect Finesse Shot in FIFA

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Finesse shot

In FIFA, the finesse shot is a potent gadget in your arsenal that allows you to infuse your shots along with finesse and perfection, which renders a challenge for a goalkeeper to save.

Finesse shots have become highly popular and an influential factor across the competitive meta in FIFA. They are frequently considered one of the game’s most effective ways to score goals.

So, FIFA fans! Remember that practice makes perfect. In this blog post, you will explore How to perform a perfect finesse shot in FIFA to become a candid maestro of FIFA.

What are Finesse Shots?

FIFA and other football video games maintain the finesse shot technique to achieve elegant and precise shots on goal. Finesse shots emphasize elegance and precision compared to power shots, which rely upon genuine force. Players can add spin and curve to their shots by striking the ball with the inside of their feet, making it difficult for goalkeepers to make a save. When shooting by a diagonal angle or close to the edge of the penalty box, finesse shots are very successful.

How to Take Finesse Shots in FIFA 2023?

You can use the following button combinations to achieve a finesse shot in FIFA 2023.

Xbox: RB+B

PC Keyboard: D

Nintendo Switch: R+A

PlayStation: R1+O

It is crucial to note that finesse shots always need to be performed using the left analogue stick for direction and require the right player at the precise time and place.

Finesse Shot Tips for FIFA 2023

In FIFA, finesse shots carry a significant risk of being tackled mid-attempt, as they do not naturally involve the ball shielding that occurs with other types of shots. Consequently, performing finesse shots necessitates additional time and space to ensure a safe finish.

Here are some crucial tips to perform a finesse shot in FIFA 2023.

Precise Timing

Timing is really important to perform a finesse shot, so when a player reaches the ball, wait for the ideal moment to execute a finesse shot. The best time to take the shot is just as the player’s right foot makes contact with the ball.

Target the Far Post

The far post of the goal must be your target when executing a finesse shot. This improves the possibility that the ball will curve away from the goalkeeper before reaching the goal.

Find the Ideal Shooting Stance

For finesse shots, place your player in a position that maximizes the shooting angle. Avoid attempting shots while your player is at an awkward angle because it can reduce the chance of success.

Merge other moves with finesse shots

Consider merging finesse shots with different actions, such as skill moves or rapid turns, to increase their efficiency. Play around with executing finesse shots after timing your skill movements correctly or when gaining space by evading defenders.

Best Times to Use Them

In FIFA, finesse shots can be highly effective in some situations, so let’s examine the best times to use them.

Against the Goalkeeper in a One-On-One Situation

Finesse shots can be very successful when you find a one-on-one situation with a goalkeeper. The curving path of the finesse shot can help you escape the goalkeeper and score

Beyond the Box

Finesse shots may be the best option if you have players that are in a position outside the penalty area who have a good ability to score. Long-range shots can be challenging for the goalkeeper to defend due to the finesse shot’s curling effect.

Narrow Angles

Finesse shots can be beneficial when you have a small shooting angle towards the goal. Even from narrow angles, the finesse shot’s proficiency and bending trajectory can help you reach the distant corner of the net.


How to Do a Finesse Shot in Fifa 2023

To do a finesse shot in FIFA 2023, you must time your shot so that it occurs just as the player’s dominant foot reaches the ball. Go for the far post if you want to curve away from the goalkeeper.